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Since 1985,  the Romanian discovery GeroVital GH3  is the best proved treatment against hair loss and baldness. The first scientific result of the study conducted on 25 000 Romanians on GeroVital of Dr. Ana Aslan was it potent rejuvenating action on the hairs of  men and women (Female baldness is frequent and dramatic). The Ana Aslan National Institute near Bucharest has developed a modern comprehensive and potent hair treatment. GeroVital H3 is famous all over the world and is used by actors, moguls and heads of states. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. You may contact us at by E-mail in full confidence

We offer, at reasonable prices, the most powerful and famous rejuvenating GeroVital scientific Hair Treatment. The Romanian GeroVital H3 ® was  discovered by Dr./Prof. Ana Aslan. It is based on Procaine. Its action is not limited only to Hair Losses  as it is also recommended for (click this link) 

Direct from Romania the Genuine GeroVital Hair treatment  includes: The extremely potent HAIR LOTION, a REVITALIZING SHAMPOO and, of course, the GEROVITAL H3 TABLETS. The deteriorating hair-aging process may starts around 30 years old (sometimes earlier) . The GeroVital balanced treatment, based on the procaine, should be done continuously and preventively. We ship the original Romanian GeroVital worldwide.

Your GeroVital H3 Comprehensive Hair Treatment

GeroVital H3 Tablets

Our comprehensive hair treatment should work also  on your body metabolism. GeroVital H3 in tablets is the been proved as the most efficient regenerating process specially for hairs. The metabolite DEAE and PABA of GeroVital regulates the production of MAO (Monoamineoxidase). Therefore GeroVital is a potent antioxidants and  a free radical quencher. To be taken once a day for 24 month every month

25 Tablets  (one month supply) $22 +  S&H

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GeroVital Shampoo

The five natural extracts  have a protection effect on all hair types.  Based on natural active principles - extracts of Burdock, Horsetail, Birch, Rosemary and Sage, combined with Hydrolyzed Keratin, natural component of the hair - It has a triple action: 1) it helps hair root regenerate; 2) it protects hair against external aggressions; 3) it stimulates blood circulation at the scalp level, thus preventing dandruff formation.
We recommend no more than 2 to 3 shampoos per week.

125Ml//4.22 Floz (around two months usage) $ 15 +  S&H

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Hair Lotion Day


Petroleum has been scientifically proved to be able to stimulate hair regeneration, so let us return to the good old treatments applied to degraded hair. Vitamins A and E complete the Hair Lotion action of the main active principle, strengthening the hair root, while the Castor oil combats hair dryness. To be used every day in the morning

200ml/6.80 Floz (around two month usage) $25 +  S&H

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Our Special Discounted Package:

Total GeroVital H3 Hair Treatment (The 3 above products) 
(-18% discount) +S&H

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Our treatment is for all hair types, for men & women. It applies for regular Hair loss, Baldness, Post-Chemotherapy and post-menopausal loss of hairs, it gives also a young shiny and healthy look to your hairs

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