How to spot the copies, illegal fakes, unsafe, or uncontrolled GeroVital H3 ® anti aging treatments?

One of the multiple proofs of the GeroVital success and efficiency is the number of its illegal, often-unsafe, copies offered worldwide. Have you ever see of copies of a flop, a bump or a scientific disaster? For example,  there are many copies of GeroVital® and Viagra® but none of Thalidomide or of the Ford Pinto....

Here are some ways to put aside the non original genuine GeroVital.

1. GeroVital H3 ® was created by Dr./Prof Aslan in Romania. There is only one GeroVital Treatment produced there and authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Health. Therefore it must be in Romanian . Phony expressions like “Romanian formula”, “Real Gerovital”, UK ”, the crazy “GH7” (H3 refers the 3 Hydrolyzed compounds of the procaine) , etc., are misleading or does not indicate the genuine GeroVital . Moreover the packing must have also a descriptive in Romanian language .  

2. GeroVital H3 is a registered trademark in Romania and in the USA.. Therefore the genuine GeroVital most of the time has the ® logo associated.GH3 is registered in Romania by Zalmoxiasn Products SRL . In September 2005 of the World International Property Organization give us rigfhts on GeroVital websites and name.

3. GeroVital H3 ® in Romania is offered in tablets and in injections. Most of the fakes and copies are done only in tablets to avoid the regulatory government health controls.

4. The genuine GeroVital H3® has only the following packings: Bottle of 25 Tablets, and Pack of 10Vials (until January 2004 5 vials,  October 2002-6 vials). If you see bottles of 90 tablets, it is a copy... Also the tablets must be white. Tablets and packing must be in Green or Red.

5. GeroVital H3 is delivered worldwide at “affordable Romanian prices" by Zalmoxian Products SRL a Romanian company, with a 2 000 000 ROLCapital

6. Here are the picture of the original  anti aging GeroVital H3® treatment: The tablets box could be in Green and Red  also.
GH3 TabletsNew inject
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