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Introducing the AslaVital anti age treatment direct from Romania  (click here for AslaVital Cosmetics)

It is the last discovery of Dr. Anna Aslan. According to the Romanian  Aslan National Institute in Otopeni,  it is the most powerful combination of GeroVital H3. The adjunction of the  Chlorhydrate of Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) has really boosted the already potent anti aging effect of GeroVital H3. It is recommended against all diseases  and phonemes associated with aging and also for younger people with depression.
AslaVital is recommended for (click this link) 

Usage: according  to Dr Aslan there are two different ways to benefit from AslaVital
For a 4 week period:

Prophylactic Treatment:  1 injection (intramuscular)  every two days and one tablet every day without injections. To be done 4 to 5 times a year.

Curative Treatment: 1 Injection (intramuscular)  every two days
and two tablets every day without injections. To be done 8 times a year.

Do not take it with Sulfamides, Eserine and Prostigmine. Counter indication; allergy to Procaine.
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  To the exculsive AslaVital Skin Care Treatnent with Clay Please Click on the picture
 AslaVital Skin Care Treatment
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